1. What is Liv_in Vilnius coliving?
This is a completely new accommodation solution in Lithuania "everything is taken care of" for a young dynamic person. Here, the population is greeted by a modern and cozy environment, functional spaces for work, recreation and sports which helps to create great quality of life.

2. What additional services are you offering?
Liv_in Vilnius offers a variety of additional services to ensure a comfortable life in the complex – underground parking, storage rooms and bicycle storage, modern self-service laundry, apartment cleaning services, residence declaration and etc. For those who do not want to experience difficulties while moving, we offer to purchase various packages of textile and household items.

3. Who can live in these apartments?
Apartments, depending on their type, are designed for one or two people (friends or a couple).

4. Can I have pets in the apartment?
Yes! Liv_in Vilnius is friendly to animals, so for an additional fee and after accepting rules for of their housing, we will gladly accept your pet.

5. How can I view at these apartments?
Contact us and our team will gladly show you not only apartments, coliving areas, but also will tell you about all of their features, and if you are unable to come, we invite you to see the apartments in the gallery, and really soon in the virtual tour.

6. What is included in the rental price?
The rental price already includes apartments you choose with a full furnishing, access to all areas of coliving (recreation, work and sports, outdoor terraces), administration of utility bills, wi-fi in common areas, regular events and community.

7. Is a deposit required for reservation?
Yes, 600 Eur deposit fee is paid when booking the apartment, which is refunded at the end of the contract.

8. Will I use shared bathrooms?
No, all apartments have private bathrooms.

9. Can I re-decorate my rented apartment?
Yes, you can change the decorations, but need to reach an agreement with the management of the building and receive their permission.

10. Can I bring friends to my rented apartment?
Yes, it’s important for guests to sign the time of arrival and departure in the log.

11. Can I declare Liv_in Vilnius as my place of residence?
Yes, you can order this service when booking the apartment or through self-service portal.

12. Where can I wash my clothes?
You can take care of your laundry in the modern self-service laundry room on the ground floor of the building.

13. What size is the apartment?
It depends on the type of chosen apartment, ranges from 20 to 36 m2.

14. Can I smoke in my apartment?
No, smoking outside designated places is strictly prohibited.


15. How do I book an apartment?
Simply choose the apartments you like, the desired date of moving in and fill out the registration form. After contract signing and paying, you will become part of the Liv_in Vilnius community!

16. For what term is the lease agreement signed?
We currently offer rental options from at least 2 months.

17. What is the price of the apartments?
The price depends on the type of apartment you choose and the rental period.

18. How am I move into the apartment?
Your moving in will be facilitated by an electronic key, that you will receive to your mobile phone 24hours before the start of the leasing term. All you may need are only your personal items, and we have taken care of all the rest.

19. Will I be greeted on arrival?
The system we have developed allows the tenant to enter the apartment independently. However, if you will arrive on working day from 08:00 to 17:00 you will be happily met and accompanied by our administration staff.

20. What do I do if someone disturbing my life?
In our self-service app, you'll find a section with the words "complaints" where you can send issue reports or report other flaws. Our staff will try to help you as soon as possible.


21. Will I be able to extend my lease?
The earlier you inform you about such desire, the greater the possibility to extend the rental period precisely for the apartment you are staying in.

22. Can I terminate the contract before my contract is specified?
Yes, you can terminate the contract before the expiry of the lease term, but you will have to pay a one-month penalty.

23. What am I going to have to do on the day of the moving out?
You will have to leave no later than 12:00 on the last day of the contract. You will be required to leave the apartments clean and tidy, and if we inspect the premises or inventory and find them damaged, we will deduct the the fees from the deposit accordingly.


24. What if I come or return from a foreign country?
Upon arrival to Lithuania please register ONLINE. If you come from a COVID-19 affected country, you must isolate yourself. Click here https://nvsc.lrv.lt/en/ to register or learn more. If you have any questions, call tel. No. +370 5 264 9676 (I–IV 8:00–17:00, V 8:00–15:45; VI–VII 8:00–17:00).