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Coliving apartments are designed to live by yourself. They have 120x200 sized beds and a wardrobe, a small kitchenette with a fridge and a bar table with chairs. If there is not enough space for your culinary abilities, you will always have the opportunity to use the shared spacious kitchen on your apartment floor, where you will find all the tools and household appliances needed for food preparation. All apartments have a balcony, where you can stay in the fresh air without leaving the house.

The price includes: shared kitchen, utility bill administration, wi-fi, all co-accommodations areas for work, sport, recreation and entertainment, regular events and active community.

The price doesn't include: utility taxes, extra services (e.g. parking, pet, residence registration) and self-service laundry room.

120x200 bed
120x200 bed
mini kitchen with refrigerator
mini kitchen with refrigerator
bar table with chairs
bar table with chairs

The photos only show examples of the apartments. Assigned apartments may differ slightly from those presented in the gallery.

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Living area
Tipinių apartamentų nuotrauka
Kitchen area
Tipinių apartamentų nuotrauka
Tipinių apartamentų nuotrauka
Accommodation rules
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The aim is to create a friendly neighborhood in the Liv_in Vilnius co-living environment, so we ask all guests of the apartments to follow the general rules:
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Other apartments
Apartamento nuotrauka
• 21 m²
Žmogaus piktograma 1

120x200 bed • wardrobe • kitchen area with appliances • work desk with chair •

from 425 € / month

Apartamento nuotrauka
• 24 m²
Žmogaus piktograma 1 - 2

bar table with chairs • kitchen area with appliances • work desk with chair • 140x200 bed • spacious closet •

from 450 € / month

Apartamento nuotrauka
• 27 m²
Žmogaus piktograma 1 - 2

bar table with chairs • wardrobe • kitchen area with appliances • 160x200 bed • sofa • cabinet •

from 480 € / month

Apartamento nuotrauka
• 36 m²
Žmogaus piktograma 1 - 2

bar table with chairs • kitchen area with appliances • sofa • spacious closet • two 90x200 beds or 160x200 bed • coffee table • cabinet •

from 530 € / month

Apartamento nuotrauka
• 35 m²
Žmogaus piktograma 1 - 2

separate bedrooms and bathrooms • 90x200 beds • shared kitchen with appliances • 2 seat bags • work desks with chairs • wardrobes • desk with chairs • common spacious closet •

from 560 € / month

from 385 € / month
The price is without taxes and additional services
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